Since June, under the banner of 'REINVENT AUSTRALIA', a small group of concerned individuals in the Australian business community and other constituent groups have been meeting regularly to consider how best Australia can embark upon a long term strategic planning process.

The following proposition has been developed to enable AFA members to comment prior to the next meeting of the Reinvent Australia group on January 23rd. Any feedback you have will be passed on to this group.

Please be aware there is a broad range of stakeholders in this group with an appeal that is not just based on an industry only focus; it was concluded that societal aspirations also need to be embraced.

You are invited to consider the following and the AFA will compile the feedback as one document on behalf of our members;

REINVENT AUSTRALIA is campaigning for a new way to develop national direction and to enhance Australia’s progress.


While Australia’s average standard of living and liveability is high, by world standards, we still face significant challenges. Among these are the need for:

* An inclusive national coordinated approach - for the benefit of all Australians

* Continuous national self-reconstruction in a global context - to foster innovation and entrepreneurship

* Creating new industries which generate jobs for our grandchildren

* Resilience - in social, political, economic and cultural terms, in the use of technology, in our natural resources, and in the way we care for and relate to the environment

* A holistic conceptual framework as well as a practical process to develop national planning and key performance indicators.


Started as an informal group of business people and company directors who were enthusiastic for Australia to plan for the future, to do better as an economy and to become a more-inclusive society. The purpose is to promote the creation of a new framework for planning that is both inclusive and apolitical and which delivers national prosperity for future generations.


1. A national vision and coordinated approach to issues of public concern
2. More Australians fulfilling their potential
3. Improvement in the quality of life and standard of living
4. Enhanced national competitiveness and global presence
5. Community optimism about the worth of being Australian.

If you would like any further information on this group or would like to make a comment
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