For a number of years the AFA has been searching for the right fit of Human Resource and Industrial Relations services fit for its Members. As you can imagine the diversity of our Membership means that your needs are all so different and that the highest level of professional expert solutions is required, so it was a great challenge to find something that suited the majority. Some of you need some telephone advice from time to time, others require an outsourced service that manages everything from payroll to industrial disputes, and then there are others who need a mix of services, so our work was cut out for us and in getting the right fit. We are excited to announce a unique support offering for our Platinum and Importer Members – HR Support Services provided by the team at AB Phillips.

AB Phillips HR Support services are operated by seasoned HR Practitioners. AFA Platinum and Importer Members will have access to consistent, practical, compliant and contemporary HR support, coaching and advice from AB Phillips team of experts. AFA has negotiated preferential rates for our AFA Platinum and Importer Members who choose to leverage off this member offering.

What Advice and Support is available?

When it comes to people matters, the team at AB Phillips can assist you with a broad array of HR services and support.

Examples of HR Advisory topics include:

* Fair Work Act 2009

* National Employment Standards – NES

* Modern Awards / Award Interpretation

* Leave entitlements

* Grievances and Disputes

* Bullying, harassment, discrimination and sexual harassment

* Absenteeism

* Performance Management

* Disciplinary action

* Dismissals / Termination

* Much more………

The following provides examples of the array of project services on offer:

* Onsite (face-to-face) HR or OHS support

* Conciliation Support (EG: Fair Work Commission)

* Workplace Agreements / EBA, etc creation, negotiation, consultation

* Workplace Investigations

* HR Project Support

* Injury Management Services and Systems

* Outsourced Payroll Processing Services

* Recruitment Services

* Fleet Management Services

* Workers Compensation Premium Reviews (no result no fee) service

* Employee Surveys

* Business Strategy development

* Training and Facilitation Services including Instructional Design for training programs

* Executive Coaching

* Career Transition (outplacement) Services

* Safety and Wellbeing Services (OHS)

Preferential Rates for Service and Support

AFA Platinum and Importer Members will access between 10%-20% off services dependent on the model selected.

AFA Members can learn more by logging in to 

If you are not an AFA Member, contact us on