‘As the CEO of the Australian Furniture Association, I was honoured to have been asked to welcome guests to a very special celebration for one of AFA’s Members, Design Furniture, South Australia last week.

The Furniture industry represents over 250,000 Australians and the celebration of the completion of a project which has been in the pipeline for many years, is just one example of the tremendous work of many AFA Members and a testament to the visionary team at Design Furniture.

Along with world-renowned artist, Emma Hack, I was privileged to launch the creation of a space that is not only innovative and inviting, but also adds an extra element to the ‘customer service’ experience through the creation of several room concepts. Providing a platform to assist designers and their clients to visualise what can be achieved when combining beautifully hand crafted furniture with the perfect lamp, rug or side table is fantastic.

The extension of this concept, to take it just that one step further and creating a ‘one stop shop’ experience for both the designer and the client is genius.

With today’s busy lifestyle, the easy access to visualisation in all things related to design and interior atheistic, and the fact that clients are more aware of the design possibilities, demands that this concept provides an experiential environment that helps save time and energy. A very innovative offering by some very clever individuals!

The concept is commercial in confidence, suffice to say that it is very important to Design Furniture to protect the very special business relationships that have been built over many years with Architects, designers, retailers and specifiers and the concept delivers just that.

Congratulations to the team at Design Furniture. We welcome a new era in style, innovation and a concept that’s all about the end user! After all we do want to put Australian Furniture into every room in the world.’