Interview with Dylan Falecki from Chanel 10’s The Living Room

AFA -Tell us about your furniture design business

Dylan - My furniture design business is in its relatively early stages but it is actually an extension of my existing residential renovation and remodeling business. It has come about to fulfil the need of existing clients who are looking for custom designed and made pieces.

AFA -Tell us about what you make, how you make it …any traditional skills?

Dylan - I make one-off pieces of furniture for clients who are looking for something a little bit different. I use materials such as glass fibre reinforced concrete, acrylic and plywood as well as natural stone and reclaimed timbers. I work out of a small workshop using my traditional carpentry skills as well as self-taught concrete fabrication and stone masonry techniques.

AFA -How big is your business?

Dylan - Alongside my commitments to The Living Room for Channel 10, I am a one-man band who calls on specialist trades as I need them for specific projects and designs.

AFA - Who are your customers?

Dylan - My customers are those who are a little off-beat, a little left of centre and have a little extra disposable income.

AFA - What do you feel people are looking for in furniture nowadays?

Dylan - Bang for buck. That’s not to say people are after a bargain, but I believe no matter how much the client is willing to spend, they are always demanding value for money.

AFA - Where do you source your components from?

Dylan - Specialist suppliers, as well as local timber yards including timber recyclers and exotic stone importers.

AFA - Where do you get your inspiration from?

Dylan - Continually observing how human beings interact with our built environment as well as nature.

AFA - What are the trends you are seeing in the market place?

Dylan - Sadly an overwhelming shift toward the availability of replica furniture. This reflects the consumers want for good design and need to spend less.

AFA - What about Aus made vs imports? – what you feel/what do your customers feel?

Dylan - I am all about Aussie made. And will push Australian made as well as hand made first and foremost. However, it is ridiculous for us to feel that we can compete with cheap imports on a price point level. Quality and innovation are key in this argument.

AFA - Is the tide turning back to Aus made and designed from your perspective?

Dylan - I feel that given the choice the customer would definitely choose Aussie made first. However, not only is it more difficult to find Australian made furniture but it is even harder to afford. And more often than not, Australian made furniture includes foreign made components therefore blurring the lines of what is Australian made.

AFA - How long have you been designing furniture?

Dylan - A good 7 years. I started out restoring and modifying vintage and mid century furniture to later using that as inspiration for my own designs.

AFA - What do you enjoy about designing furniture?

Dylan - I enjoy the creative process of broad stroke sketching and building it on paper and going off on creative tangents with my pencil and this leads to the evolution of a design. Also I’m a really bad drawer so the more I draw the better I get!

AFA - How do you fit your design business into your other commitments ie TV?

Dylan - I only take on projects that I am passionate about and people that I have a connection with.

AFA - What are you really passionate about in your work life – ie what gets you out of bed in the morning?

Dylan - Working with other creative and passionate people which is what TV is all about. I always say the TV industry is full of highly capable creative misfits who could never make it in the real world but in TV they are brilliant.

AFA - What drew you becoming an AFA member?

Dylan - Purely by chance. I contacted Bryan Furtado regarding my entry into the furniture competition and I was so impressed by his enthusiasm and passion that I then wanted to become a member of the association myself.

AFA - If you were looking for cross trade support (ie. a cast iron furniture maker/ 3D products…or something out of the box) what areas would interest you?

Dylan - Areas that would interest me would be 3D printing, 5 axis CNC machining, boilermaker / metal fabricators, welding and engineering, plastics and laser cutting in Sydney.

AFA - How do you see the future of furniture manufacturing in Australia?

Dylan - Quality over quantity. Exporting our ideas and innovations to the world. I believe what the Danish did 60 years ago we can begin to do now and by this I mean focus on world class design and quality with a view to make our current furniture future classics and collectibles. 

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