RMIT’s final year furniture design students have arrived.

Over the weekend of Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th of November, between 10am - 4 pm, ‘Made Here’ exhibition opens. The exhibition will showcase the works of graduating students from RMIT’s Furniture Design Program.

This year’s Furniture Design Students have been widely recognised for their innovative and sustainable designs in both State and national design competitions and exhibitions. These include The Edge, VIVID, Australian International Furniture Exhibition (AIFE), Object Future II and Fringe Furniture.

Recently, Mechelle Shooter’s hallway piece, ‘Monkey Bars,’ won the student award at Fringe Furniture and Eugenie Kawabata’s up-cycled waste conscious clothes hooks, ‘Flocked’ will be featured in the upcoming issue of Sanctuary Magazine.

The diversity of this cutting edge furniture exhibition highlights the emerging talent at RMIT and is a great indicator of what to expect from the next generation of furniture designers who have a dedicated focus to products made here.

Eugenie Kawabata

0422 229 429

Mechelle Shooter

0423 844 472