On the 18th August, 2015, Small Business Minister Mr Philip Dalidakis confirmed that the day before AFL grand final day will now be a public holiday.

The decision followed a consultation period in which the Victorian Government accepted submissions regarding the impact of a new public holiday.

Businesses who choose to open on AFL grand final eve will be required to pay their staff applicable penalty rates.

Earlier that day, both the Victorian and Commonwealth Government websites seemed to indicate that there was no public holiday on Grand Final Day Eve.

The Victorian Government website states that the Government is currently considering submissions regarding the impact of the holiday and that any new
public holiday will be announced via a notice in the Government Gazette. 

Please see http://www.business.vic.gov.au/victorian-public-holidays-and-daylight-saving/victorian-public-holidays.

The most recent Government Gazettes are available at  http://www.gazette.vic.gov.au/gazette_bin/recent_gazettes.cfm?bct=home|recentgazettes.