The AFA encourages members to contribute to the AMF Leaders group forum following an internal strategic review by the Australian Manufacturing Forum who are seeking member feedback.

To date the Leaders have sought to extend the Forum’s success as an industry networking and discussion group through the development of consensus policies built on member discussion and input. A number of policy papers and initiatives have been the result with the Leaders seeking to ‘make an impact’ and extend the voice and reach of members views.

One strength of the Australian Manufacturing Forum is that it is a broad church encompassing opinions on all sides of the policy spectrum. The Forum itself will continue this independent and inclusive stance but the Leaders believe it is timely to build on their successes to date.

The Forum Leaders plan a sharper focus in their advocacy, facilitation and policy development role. The Leaders have taken account of the following considerations:
* Macroeconomic trends are moving back in favour of onshore manufacturing while technological change in the form of additive manufacturing processes promise new opportunities for Australian industry.

* It is also apparent that the views of predominantly SME manufacturing companies in Australia are poorly understood and represented to the broader community with the Forum emerging as a new ‘voice’ for the sector.

* There are few significant initiatives to foster collaboration between the political parties on manufacturing policy. A clear exception is a recently-formed all-party ‘Parliamentary Friends of Manufacturing’ group of backbenchers in Canberra.

The Australian Manufacturing Forum itself will remain unchanged as a broad-based inclusive networking and discussion group. The Forum does not have policies or an agenda of its own other than the promotion of a great future for Australian Manufacturing.

The AMF Leaders Group plans to develop a separate identity that is seen as independent of the Forum and that is more outcomes and policy focused.

You are invited to comment within the Forum on a draft 'AMF Leaders Group Strategic Review' document which can be downloaded from these two host sites: