Augmented Reality is a cutting-edge technology that adds layers of digital information – videos, 3D models, live streams, images, audio – directly on items in the physical world. AR allows brands, publishers and agencies to create immersive and interactive experiences that link the digital and physical worlds.

Plattar CEO Rupert Deans said, ‘AR has enormous potential to impact the way we work, play, learn, communicate, transact, and consume content and Plattar(
is the world’s simplest augmented reality (AR) creator. The beauty of Plattar is that it allows anybody with any skillset to create their own AR
experiences, bringing our own ideas to life in 3D’.

Delegates to the upcoming Furnishing Futures Conference will be able to learn more about this new technology and it’s practical application for the furnishing

‘I’ve been amazed by the AR technologies offered by Plattar,’ says Australian Furniture Association CEO, Patrizia Torelli. ‘To imagine an entire catalogue
of products and services can come to life in 3D simply by downloading an app is incredibly creative and very exciting. In demonstrating the AR solution,
Plattar has been able to show us that selecting and buying furniture in the future will be as easy as swiping your smartphone. The Australian furnishing
industry will benefit immensely from the advances this technology brings, just as it has internationally.’

Established in 2015, Plattar is a cloud-based platform that allows brands, publishers and agencies to create, manage and distribute augmented reality content
in a simple, cost-effective way. The platform comprises a template driven app builder and content management system for managing AR experiences, and
can deploy content to any device. Plattar operates on a software as a service subscription model, and for larger projects provides bespoke content
solutions, integration and support.

Annual investment in augmented and virtual reality companies is at an all-time high with a record breaking US$1.1 billion already invested into AR and
VR companies in 2016, according to a new report issued by Digi-Capital. The same report predicted that “The augmented reality market will be a US$150B
industry by 2020”.

Plattar has established a blue chip early client base in Australia, New Zealand and the US that includes Fortune 500 and ASX 100 companies. Plattar has
proven the potential for its AR technology across industries, and for multiple applications - from marketing and brand awareness purposes, through
to commercial and industrial applications.

‘Some of our Members are participating in the development of a demo app to be launched at FURNITEX & design which will demonstrate the practical application
of the technology,’ says Ms Torelli. ‘It will be a great way to test visitor reaction and we’re confident that buyers and sellers alike will be equally
enthusiastic about the possibilities.’

Jonathan Keyse, lead producer of Augmented Reality (AR) projects for Plattar lives somewhere in between the real and the virtual as he is always looking
at how the latest AR technologies can be applied to solve business problems and create amazing digital experiences for clients and their customers.
Jonathan will join the panel at the Furnishing Futures Conference in Brisbane next month.


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