Through our association with AB Phillips we have negotiated discounted rates on an array of their ‘people related’ services and support for our Platinum and Importer members.

An example of how a Member has ulitised their services, is, they were looking for support on a number of different people matters. The member understood the importance of being legislatively compliant when it came to the management and leadership of their staff. After conducting a discovery session with the Member AB Phillips were able to determine what the business needed and the priority of those requirements based on mitigating people related risk to their business whilst achieving compliance.  The first solution AB Phillips put in place was the introduction of the People Matters AdviceLine, an on tap advisory service that the member can call or email unlimited times related to advice and support on people matters. The member is already using the advisory services for both Workers Compensation and HR support.

All businesses that employ staff, no matter what size or industry, have Human Resource, Safety and Wellbeing (OH&S) and Workers Compensation needs and obligations. However not all businesses that employ staff have the need for, or ability to, employ in-house experts in these areas. That's where the team at AB Phillips can help!

An example of one of the great products on offer is AB Phillips, ‘People Matters AdviceLine’. Members who engage in the service receive a 20% discount off the retail rate for a 12-month subscription.

People Matters AdviceLine is a dedicated 'people advisory service' that provides practical and compliant HR, Safety and Wellbeing and Workers Compensation advisory support to businesses. For businesses with vehicles or fleets, they also provide advisory services around vehicle/fleet management, driver risk, and other fleet services.

What makes the service unique is the tailored expert advice AB Phillips provides our Members and the level of expertise they offer. Their team are experts in the management of HR, Safety and Wellbeing and Workers Compensation and the various legislation that govern these areas, and are skillful in their ability to interpret and convey this meaningfully to business owners/managers. Subscribers to this service receive:

  •  Dedicated telephone and email service
  • Unlimited, direct access via phone or email to a highly experienced team of HR practitioners, Safety and Wellbeing (OHS) experts, Workers Compensation specialists and Fleet service advisors.
  • All calls and emails are confidential and secure, with queries logged in a secure database.
  • Access to a library of tools and templates to help with the people aspects of your business.If you would like to understand more about this service or the many other ‘people related’ support services and products on offer from AB Phillips, please visit this website where you can lodge an enquiry follow the links from the Member's area or click here to contact the AB Philips team: