The tourism and leisure sector in the 21st century is shaped and buffeted by many different forces.

Some believe that changes in society, technology, politics and economics on a global scale, have disrupted and fragmented the tourism and leisure world.

The reality is, it has actually opened the doors for a greater influx of industry bodies, travelling around the world to trade shows to see what's on offer.
This is due to the internet and globalisation. Companies around the world have to have international offerings for their clients and stay on top of
trends. This is a fast paced market where consumers are prepared to search the world market for products they want.

In 2016, FURNITEX & design moves to Brisbane for the very first time. After 26 years in Melbourne, the event will move to the fastest
growing state of Australia to capitalise on the property development boom.

The feedback post FURNITEX connect in 2015 has been positive. Attendees from Europe, Asia and all over Australia are already booking their
trips to Brisbane to take advantage of cheaper airfares and discounts. More pointedly, the feedback from those who met Australian designers and makers
selected at FURNITEX connect to exhibit in China and the UK this past month has been overwhelming. The AFA is expecting a greater
number of international exhibitors than ever before, whilst featuring all that is great about the Australian Furnishing industry and Brisbane will
reap the economic tourism benefits.

It is an exciting time for the Australian Furniture Association who present FURNITEX & design, after recently exhibiting Australian
Pavilions at trade shows in Shanghai and London. The welcome and level of interest from the Asian Pacific region for Australian quality furniture and
furnishing is growing and major buyers from this region are excited to be ahead of the game by attending the event in Brisbane in 2016.

The additional benefits for Australian businesses with a lower Australian dollar now opens up real opportunities for Australian event tourism and export

The world of travel and tourism – is digital, is global, is political, and it’s FURNITEX & design in Brisbane 2016!