Falecki Furniture®, creators of award winning Vertical Furniture® and CUT8®, are a design team based in Sydney, Australia. Falecki Furniture is the perfect combination of precision CNC machining and hand finishing.

Dylan Falecki is an award winning Australian furniture designer with a background in residential construction and design. He has also adapted his building skills to the fast paced world of television, making a career for himself in front of the camera. He is the ‘analog’ of the team.

“Our furniture can change the way we all use space. I believe in sophisticated yet simple furniture design.”

Adam is a digital creative who has built a career on thinking outside the square. He is the creative director of Falecki Furniture and is the ‘digital’ in the team.

“Dylan once drew on my monitor out of sheer frustration. He is now banned from sitting in on digital design sessions. Like a child, he draws on everything!”

All Falecki Furniture is 100% designed and crafted in Sydney, Australia, using the best of Australian materials. Even the packaging is Australian made and 100% recyclable.

“TENT London is the perfect way to launch our furniture brand internationally. I can’t wait for visitors to interact with our exhibition and really get hands on.”

Vertical Furniture

Patented Vertical Furniture design allows furniture to be assembled and used when needed and then collapsed and stored away after use in a flat wall mounted panel. The furniture is easy to assemble and the wall panel can serve either as a decorative feature panel or act as a part of the homes interior wall lining.

“Vertical Furniture was born out of a personal need to create more space in my own home. Instead of building another room, I created Vertical Furniture. Necessity truly is the mother of invention”.


Falecki-CUT8 is the Vertical Furniture collection sans the vertical element. This opens the door to the use of exciting new materials such as plastics and coloured fibre board.

CUT8 takes the flat packed furniture concept further by allowing for unlimited assembly, disassembly and reassembly by the user. The CUT8 range is a completely tool-less assembly system that benefits from simple carpentry techniques combined with modern day manufacturing methods.

The CUT8 range is easily shipped worldwide in a variety of materials.


The team at Falecki are also responsible for the design and construction of the Australian International Pavilion called ‘Outback to the Future’. The pavilion will showcase the country’s leading designers and manufacturers in a simple futuristic desert scape.

The Australian International Pavilion
Hall T4-B, First floor, Old Truman Brewery,
Hanbury Street, London, E1 6QR

24—27 September 2015

Falecki Furniture

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