The Australian Furniture Association is proud to announce a Federal Government Department of Industry grant for the AFA’s International Pavilions program. Australia’s involvement in International Pavilions are designed to elevate the prominence of Australian furniture designers and manufacturers in international markets and highlight export success stories to motivate manufacturers to explore global opportunities. The Australian Pavilion will highlight the quality and innovation of the Australian furniture industry by showcasing designers who demonstrate the following:

• Original Australian design;
• Adherence to high safety and environmental standards;
• Use of environmentally sustainable materials such as Australian timber;
• Innovation in technology and production. 
‘The Department's contribution will assist in staging Australia’s showcase in global markets with the expected outcomes to include the introduction of Australian furniture businesses and designers in international arenas,’ says AFA CEO, Patrizia Torelli. ‘We’re pleased that the government sees the merit in supporting our strategic approach to help our members and the industry as a whole to create and build contacts in new markets, meet with investors, media, colleagues and leaders in the industry across the world.’

Major networking events will also provide participants with the opportunity to meet one-on-one with potential businesses or collaborators to discuss export opportunities, learn about technologies, opportunities and new markets. Contributing financially to this event provides an opportunity for the Department to recognise, support and encourage excellence within the Australian furniture industry.

‘Together with the involvement of industry, corporate partners and the broader supply chain, the government’s involvement will help facilitate networks between Australian and international furniture businesses and improve awareness of exporting opportunities among domestic manufacturers of high value furniture,’ says Ms Torelli. ‘We’re also excited about the prospect of featuring the winners of the Australian Contemporary Emerging Design Awards (ACE) which will be held in conjunction with FURNITEX connect this year. We know that international markets are keen to be introduced to all things Australian and it’s time to get Australian furniture into every room in the world!’ concludes Ms Torelli.

For further information about Australia’s International Pavilions and the Australian Contemporary Emerging Design Awards contact Bryan Furtado at or +613 9856 1600