Proximity and Dynamism: A Formula for Success 

Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Hugo Boss and Bosch are names almost everyone knows. These names sound great, they have personality and a premium image. They are names that inspire confidence and trust. Every product bearing one of these names has instant credibility in the market, an advantage that can make the difference between winning and loosing in the 21st century. People buy brands they trust. And brands command loyalty.

Within its own industry the family owned and operated company Häfele is equally well known and respected as these four companies from neighbouring communities to the head office location in Southern Germany. The specialist for hardware technology and electronic access control systems also represents a globally leading quality and image brand.

The Häfele name stands for its passion about fostering close relationships with its customers and its forward looking entrepreneurial spirit. Right from the beginning it was the company’s strategy to be close to its customers, to know what they need, to understand their requirements, to analyse market conditions and to recognize potential areas for improvement early and quickly.

The knowledge gained through insight was always coupled with a forward-looking approach, idea generation, courage, a willingness to invest, the drive to commit resources and stay ahead of the competition dynamically. Still today this forward-looking entrepreneurial thinking is responsible for the creation of new products and new assortments. Efficient processes, innovative services and customer-focused equipment and solutions simplify partners lives in the furniture industry, the trades and construction industry. Managing Director Sibylle Thierer remarks: “The on-going dialogue between ‘proximity’ and ‘dynamism’, the ying and the yang, the complimentary impulses are the basis of our success.”

Whatever you are looking for, you will find it at Häfele

Since 1971 ‘The Complete Häfele’ which contains 35,000 products is the preferred industry reference tool worldwide. The complete assortment includes more than 220,000 products – an exceptionally broad assortment of products. Every one of the products is designed for a very specific purpose and solution to assist customers in realizing their diverse ideas. “We simply want to be able to answer all of our customers’ questions, even those they haven’t asked themselves yet.” says Sibylle Thierer. Häfele- Engineering is constantly developing new products and improves existing ones in order to allow our partner to get their work done better, faster, more efficiently and more creatively.

Support through unique services

Good products are one side of the equation. Maximum support in consulting, procurement and processing is the other side of the Häfele philosophy. This is the reason the family-owned company invests in a comprehensive service concept that includes an innovative online ordering system, assortment catalogues, and local expert consulting services to name but a few examples. Shortly after the 360° Project Service for the construction industries, the company set up Häfele Engineering GmbH & Co KG, a new company dedicated to delivering a complete array of services ranging from idea development to marketing for the furniture industry. Furniture manufacturers now have access to experienced and knowledgeable contacts.

German quality is available worldwide

Precision, durability, functionality and user-friendliness are the focus for the selection, development and production of products. German quality standards have a good reputation around the world. Häfele insists on German quality and tests and checks accordingly. As a result the Häfele group delivers this quality standard without compromise in all of its products, including those that are sourced in foreign markets. Häfele’s promise of quality is universal.

Unique logistics services

Our products have to reach the customer as quickly and reliably as possible; our founder introduced this guiding principle. To deliver on this promise Häfele has continuously invested heavily in the logistics expertise. Today, 150,000 products are available 24/7.

Our intelligent worldwide digital network system is connected to a powerful and highly advanced logistics centre in Nagold, which is supported by strategically located decentralized installations. Together they ensure a fast and transparent flow of goods around the world. The system offers our customers the highest levels of efficiency and flexibility and economical service – even for customised solutions through our manufacturing divisions.

Proximity to our customers around the world

We have always looked beyond country borders, it is an important part of our history. Today the group supplies customers in 150 countries and over the years created 37 subsidiaries and numerous additional dealerships around the world. “As a Swabian, family owned and operated, company we approach our international presence in a unique and very personal manner” says the Managing Director to emphasize the company’s corporate ties with its head office location Nagold, the open nature of the Swabian culture, the respect for other cultures, traditions and customs. Häfele subsidiaries adapt and adjust to the demands and requirements of their respective countries. This is beneficial for Häfele’s customers because they have access to international knowledge and expertise as well as access to professional local and personal service. This results in many mutually beneficial relationships.

Dynamic and innovative

To constantly think ahead is second nature to Häfele and has been from day one. Status quo is non-existent at Häfele. Sibylle Thierer: “We have developed finely tuned sensors that keep us focused on anticipating the future; to think and act with the best interests of customers and our company in mind.” The commitment to this future focused approach is part of our corporate culture and applies to every aspect of our operations: service, logistics, communication, human resources…

Assuming responsibility

Häfele has declared its commitment to think and act in a socially responsible manner as part of its corporate philosophy. The focus is not the achievement of short-term success, but the consideration of the well-being of all employees and their families, the socio-economic impact on the location and the world, in the interest of future generations.

“As a family business we think and plan for the long term. Our actions are based on family values that are passed on and observed through generations.” At Häfele we call this “Growing with prudence”. It is based on growth that creates working conditions where employees can flourish in a positive environment, where women and men have equal opportunities, where jobs are secure, and the environment is respected throughout the entire value chain. Häfele was certified to the ISO 1400 standard in 2000.

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