The Government is putting in place the policies and programmes that will provide incentives for manufacturing firms to invest in technology, and research and development, in order to foster a viable, competitive and successful manufacturing industry. 

We have compiled some excerpts from the interview with Federal Industry Minister Macfarlane for AFA Members: Minister McFarlane said, ‘From an economy that was historically built around farming and agriculture, through to heavy manufacturing and commodity based industries that have been the mainstay of our economy in recent decades, Australia is now on the cusp of a third wave - the transition into higher value-added industries that are based on innovation, research and the sophisticated skills base of our workforce.

By addressing the cost of red tape, lowering the company tax rate, and putting in place a framework to encourage investment in growth sectors, the Government is working to improve the competitiveness of Australian manufacturers by lowering the costs of running a business in Australia.

The new $50m national Manufacturing Transition Programme, the first round of which opened in September, is forward-looking and aims to support capital investment projects which help businesses transition or expand into higher value or niche manufacturing activities, and build skills in higher value and knowledge intensive manufacturing activities in new or growing markets”.

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