The recent health risks that have come to light over imported berries have simply highlighted quality issues across all imported products. The ACCC puts the onus of the quality of imports onto the importers. They believe with imported consumer products sold in Australia, importers play a vital role in product safety.

Under Australian product safety laws, importers are treated as manufacturers in the supply chain. Importers often have control or influence over product design and other aspects of products. Therefore importers need to follow the steps to ensure that they import safe products for the Australian market.

 The AFA asks “Is this responsibility too much for Importers?” There is an alarming increase of complaints about potentially unsafe and harmful products and too many instances where imported products are fail to meet the standards required.

Only last year the AFA called upon the ACCC to investigate the use of AZO in imported sofas, lounge suites, ottomans, day beds and blankets. AZO is a cancer linked chemical found in textiles and imported furniture. (For more information click HERE)

The Australian Furniture Association has been concerned for many years over the lack of quality checking for imported furniture. As a result the up and coming FURNITEX connect event in Melbourne has established a Quality standard criteria for all exhibitors.

‘This is a global market place and Australia welcomes international business as long as the products meet our Quality Standards,’ says AFA CEO, Patrizia Torelli. ‘The rest of the world wants Australian product because of our high standards and yet we continue to allow substandard product to infiltrate our marketplace and damage our health. Poorly manufactured products and dangerous materials which don’t meet our standards should not be tolerated or accepted by Australian consumers.’

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