This image is possibly a bit extreme for most of Australia, however it is winter and we found some handy tips on how to look after your outdoor furniture:

Aluminium: Aluminium outdoor furniture can be left out year round. However, make sure all the water is drained out of the frames. If you
clean it up and put a cover over it will be fine come spring.

Wood: Wood can be left out year round, but should never be covered. If you cover it, and moisture gets trapped under the cover, you can
get mould and mildew on it.

Wicker: Wicker should be stored if possible. Left to the elements, wicker expands and contracts with heat and humidity, which could cause
cracks and splintering.

Steel: Steel-frame furniture, if left outside, can rust, which could damage the furniture's frame. Bring it inside and touch up any scratches
or nicks.

Natural stone: All natural materials have cracks and crevices. If you have a stone tabletop, for example, bring it inside. Particularly
in the freezing weather, if water gets in there, it will freeze and contract which can tear apart the tabletop.

Accessories: All fabric materials such as cushions and umbrellas should be brought inside for the winter season.