The International Standards Organisation (ISO) publishes standards on a wide range of topics, including consumer product safety. You may be aware, for example, of ISO standard 8124 for children’s toys.

But ISO also publishes a range of standards and guides that apply across all product types.

Guidance standards

In 2013 new ISO standards were published for the first time on product safety systems: ISO 10377 Consumer product safety – Guidelines for suppliers, and ISO 10393 Consumer product recall – Guidelines for suppliers.

ISO 10377:2013 Consumer product safety – Guidelines for suppliers

This helpful standard gives detailed practical guidance on assessing and managing the safety of products. It covers the design and production stages of a consumer product’s life.

It describes principles and practical approaches to effective product safety management; explains the basics such as corporate culture, training, risk management, product traceability and documentation.

It also outlines safety in design, including behavioural patterns, misuse, hazard identification and risk reduction measures; gives guidance for safety in production and in the marketplace; and explains consumers’ role. read more