Australians are becoming more and more aware that imported products are not always suitably tested to meet Australian standards. The Australian Furniture Association (AFA) is responding to consumer concerns over quality and durability with Furntech-AFRDI* who test a wide-range of office and domestic furniture.

Patrizia Torelli, CEO of the AFA said “We have invited Furntech-AFDRI to attend FURNITEX-Connect to increase awareness of product testing and what is required to meet Australian standards. As a result, consumers will be informed and know what to look for when buying furniture.” FURNITEX-Connect 2015 will be held at the Royal Exhibition Buildings on July 9-12.

Furntech-AFRDI is a not-for-profit organisation operating as a National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited laboratory based in Launceston, Tasmania. A world-wide association, it provides standards, testing, product certification, and research for buyers and sellers of furniture. Ian Burton and Julian Ridgers from Furtech - AFDRI will provide a presentation describing how these established standards, rather than arcane documents, control all aspects of testing. The brief will also include development of prototypes, design changes to produce more durable products, identification of evolving needs, and the lengthy process of developing new testing standards. Overall, Furntech-AFRDI focuses on providing standards that meet the ever-changing societal expectations of durability, safety, and high quality furniture.

Key stakeholders participating in FURNITEX-Connect 2015 will be discussing “Working To A Standard”, a brief overview describing composition of a technical standard and how testing procedures are applied to define furniture attributes. Equally important is examination and discussion regarding the intrinsic value of skilled technicians experience, skill-sets, and ability to infer credible information from formal testing. This information has been found to be considerably more definitive than mere metrics. 

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