As a result of industry feedback at FURNITEX connect presentations in early 2015, the organisers have set an exhibition standard for the show in Melbourne in July 2015. Now under new management, FURNITEX connect comes with a fresh new look – with quality exhibition features and exhibitors as well as new educational initiatives. It's essentially a new event. The following Quality Standards will need to be met by all exhibitors to maintain integrity and legitimacy of the event.



These guidelines are provided to all exhibitors to ensure that visitors and buyers at FURNITEX connect will be presented with a showcase of original design and the best quality furniture (and furniture components) that adhere to Australian manufacturing standards.

Products which meet these criteria will give buyers the confidence they are investing in original quality goods, fit for purpose and manufactured under appropriate conditions.

Exhibitors whose products meet these quality standards gain a competitive edge in the market and ensure the future of their industry by giving confidence to buyers both at the annual event and beyond.

Quality Workmanship & Manufacturing Standards
  • Product tested to AS/NZS standards or equivalent by an accredited independent testing facility
  • Certification and testing requirements including strength, durability, stability, colour-fastness, safe finishes etc.

Ethical & Sustainable Practices

  • Product certified to recognised environmental standards by an accredited independent testing facility

  • All furniture produced using products that are ethical, sustainable and recyclable

  • Products which contain no volatile compounds or carcinogens

  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, energy consumption reductions and other efforts to minimise environmental footprint (e.g. use of safe substances, safe dyeing practices, CFC free etc)

  • Use of lawful and ethical business practices

  • Social responsibility and non-exploitation of human rights (slave labour, poverty wages, internationally unacceptable work conditions) in supply chain and manufacturing of products

  • Adherence to illegal logging and anti-dumping legislation.

Original Design

  • Respecting original design promotes growth in the industry

  • Respecting Intellectual Property (IP) encourages a flourish of ideas which leads to innovation and business success in the furniture and furnishing industry

  • Ensure preservation and integrity of unique furniture designs

It is the responsibility of all exhibitors to conform to the requirements set out in these guidelines. Where a potential breach of standards is identified, the responsibility to rectify immediately will lie with the exhibitor. All breaches must be reported to the exhibition organisers.

This guideline for FURNITEX connect exhibitors is set out by the exhibition organisers, Expertise Events in consultation with the Australian Furniture Association – AFA.

FURNITEX connect – by the industry, for the industry

WHEN: July 9 – 12, 2015

WHERE: Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens, Melbourne, VIC