After the enormous success of the AFA’s International Pavilions in China and London we learned a lot of useful tips for next year. 

If you are considering joining us, these tips may assist you:

  • Have all of the paper work ready for trading internationally – The AFA has established a relationship with Aitken and Partners to assist member with
    reduced rates.
  • Learn some of the local language – or hire an interpreter to be there with you.
  • Have business cards printed in the local language – lots of them and learn how to hand them to people correctly.
  • Understand the etiquette and cultural sensitivities of a foreign market.
  • Have flyers printed in the local language.
  • Be aware of key interests. For example in China quality and quality assurance were important – highlight this in your marketing collateral.
  • Marketing 101 – who is your market?
  • Talk to lots of different people about exporting – knowledge and experiences are everything.
  • Have enough cash with you for everyday expenses.
  • Try to see as much of the other exhibits as possible and note where the crowds are as part of your market research.
  • Plan a holiday afterwards – you will need it.

Contact the AFA ASAP at if you are interested in attending 2016 as spaces are filling fast!