The AFA contributes to the Victorian State Governments review on Victoria’s Future Industries.

The discussion paper was very light on in relation to the use of timber (fibre) for furniture manufacturing, however, given our industry’s high use of timber it is critical for this industry to have a say.

‘The AFA welcomes the opportunity to be involved in discussions related to this critical supply chain element of the furniture manufacturing industry. Fibre (Timber) represents the majority of materials used in the production of furniture both for domestic and export purposes. As a value add industry, furniture manufacturers are an integral part of the supply chain which supports the growth and consumption of fibre based products. This submission is just one of many made on behalf of the industry across such topics as Government Procurement, Inquiry into Manufacturing, FIAC and VET Funding review,’ says AFA CEO, Patrizia Torelli. 

Copies of other AFA submissions made on behalf of AFA Members and the AFA's Strategic Plan can be found at or by contacting the CEO, Patrizia Torelli at

The AFA submission responds to the discussion paper below.