AFA Corporate Partners, Aitken’s, have provided an outline of the appropriate rate of pay for employees employed by furniture manufacturers.

The Timber Industry Award 2010 [MA000071] (“the Award”) covers employers throughout Australia in the following industries
and so would seem to be appropriate:

Cabinet making, wood machining, wood turning, wood carving, finishing, polishing, upholstering and other work carried out in or in connection with preparing, packing, assembling, manufacturing repairing or fixing, whether new or second hand any article of furniture including inbuilt
and caravan furniture, chairs and seating, picture frames, musical instruments and toys; where any of the foregoing are made of wood or timber,
manufactured wood or timber products; and any other product made from wood.

Just Classification of employees

Schedule C of the Award provides a breakdown in classification of levels of timber furniture production for employees from level one to seven. The classification
structure and definitions for the wooden timber furniture stream can be found via the following link:

Pay guide

The Award pay guide that was published on 27 November 2015 can be located via the following link:

Scroll down to “Timber Industry Award 2010 [MA000071] Pay Guide” whereby you can access the pay guide document in Microsoft Word and PDF form. The rates
in this guide are only applicable from 1 July 2015 and will change on 1 July 2016 (annually on 1 July thereafter).

For further information relating to the Award, please contact:

Stephen Curtain  

Ph: 03 8600 6042