A recent consumer enquiry to AFA HQ has raised the issue of ‘Company Deregistration’ relating to after sales care for consumers. The question posed was ‘Who does one contact should the original retailer no longer exist?’ The subsequent enquiries into the closure of a furniture importer and wholesaler based in Perth has led the consumer to also discover the truth about the materials used to produce the product.

The consumer has purchased a product marketed and sold as ‘English Oak’ which is in fact ‘Rubberwood’ a by-product of the Malaysian rubber tree which is often marketed and sold as English Oak but is substantially cheaper. Whilst the issue of ‘false and misleading information’ related issues should be referred to the ACCC, the question raised in this instance is ‘how do I track the original source company?’

In the case of a business being untraceable, deregistration of the business and contact details can still be found via Government business registration listings.

To find out about business closures and deregistration’s visit www.asic.gov.au