CSIL reports that world consumption of furniture for 2015 is forecasted to grow by 3.4% in real terms, in comparison to 2014 with limited growth in Europe and a continuing fast expansion in Asia. Furniture consumption is expected to grow for large markets such as China, the US and Germany, respectively +6%, +3% and +2%.

World trade of furniture in the last ten years has grown faster than furniture production. Top importing countries are the US, Germany, France, the UK and Canada (with the US plus Canada and Germany reaching or exceeding the pre-recession level) while major exporters are China, Italy, Germany, Poland and Vietnam.

The latest edition of CSIL report "World furniture outlook 2015" is now available. This study provides an overview of the world furniture industry with historical statistical data (production, consumption, imports, exports) and 2014 - 2016 furniture markets scenario for 70 countries.

For more information visit http://www.worldfurnitureonline.com/research-market/world-furniture-outlook-0058524.html