The Victorian Government is supporting business expansion by providing grant funding to lower capital investment expenditure incurred by businesses. The aim of these grants is to increase employment in Victoria and/or increase the competitiveness of Victorian businesses.

Grants of up to 25 per cent of eligible project expenditure, with a maximum grant of $2 mil are available.


If your business is planning to complete either of the following expansion activities, then applying for government grant funding is a potential avenue in accelerating and increasing the timeframe and scale of your project:

  • Expansion of your business’ manufacturing facility or the purchase of new machinery resulting in sustainable increased employment numbers,
  • The purchase of innovative/new machinery or processes which will increase your competitive advantage relative to competitors.

 The Future Industries Manufacturing Program (FIMP) and the Local Industry Fund for Transition (LIFT) both provide financial assistance for project activities such as:

  • Construction on a new building or extension on an existing,
  • Manufacturing product and process improvements,
  • Purchase and implementation of capital equipment,
  • Prototyping, evaluation and testing of new manufacturing products and processes,
  • Supply chain capability development.

Treadstone specialises in the preparation and writing of grant applications. If you have an upcoming project up and think you might be in need of assistance, then we would welcome the opportunity to assist your business.  AFA Members can access special rates for this service. Further, if you have a project that you would like to engage in and are unsure whether your business is eligible for government grant funding, then please visit

Please see below for a list of current opportunities


Government Incentives Cross Borders to Assist Furnishing Sector Businesses


Over the past two months the AFA has worked closely with the Malaysian Timber Industry Board and the Malaysian Furniture Council to develop a strong bi lateral partnership that supports the growth of both the Australian and Malaysian Furniture Industries.


This includes the timber supply chain, designers, manufacturers and distributors. Malaysian Investment and Development Authority (MIDA) and Matrade have joined the conversation with the Malaysian government offering incentives to Malaysian businesses across a range of research and development initiatives and programs that will support their engagement with Australian designers, manufacturers and distributors.


So what Grants are the Australian and State Government’s offering Australian Businesses?


A rebate of 50% (above the first $5,000) for all businesses, sole traders and organisations on overseas marketing expenses.  Claims can be made to a maximum of $150,000 for each year and repeated for up to 8 years Deadline for self-submit is 30th Nov 2017.  Extended deadline using Austrade registered consultants such as AFA Partners, Treadstone, is 28th Feb 2018. AFA Members are encouraged to contact AFA Partners Treadstone for more details and for this success fee only opportunity.

The Victorian Government is offering 25% funding on expansion works and capital equipment for manufacturers. The project must be creating jobs and cannot have started.  Funding of up to $2m is still available. Applications are currently open. AFA Members are encouraged to contact AFA Partners Treadstone for more details.

The NSW government is offering 50% funding providing grants of up to $25k. The grant is designed to support promising startups with the funds needed to progress from a proof of concept stage to a MVP. The grants are available across all industry sectors to start ups who are primarily focused on the development of a scalable technology solution. Applications are currently open. AFA Members are encouraged to contact AFA Partners Treadstone for more details

For more information about The AFA and Grants, Tenders & Funding please email