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The Australian Furniture Association (AFA) represents professionals in the furnishing industry who operate locally, nationally and globally across all areas of the supply chain.

Buyers can choose AFA Members with confidence.

The AFA promotes and supports the industry through access to skills training, design services, manufacturing, supply of business services, materials and components, installers, testing and certification laboratories, importers or exporters. Our members are the best in the business.

The AFA contributes to worldwide consultation, collaboration and developments on behalf of all members, across global regions.

The AFA is committed to supporting AFA Member businesses with a focus on building competitive and sustainable business models through the promotion of accredited, qualified, professional suppliers.

AFA Members benefit from AFA’s advocacy and lobbying leadership spanning government and industry led networks.

Latest News

Why “fast fashion” runs rampant in the furniture sector

Why “fast fashion” runs rampant in the furniture sector

The Australian Furniture Association (AFA) was successful in securing a federally funded grant on product stewardship early in 2022. Design of Commercial Furniture for the Circular Economy – Furniture 360 – will unpack how the furniture industry will address the...

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