The global search for the best in design and innovation is on and ACE Finalists are in the mix! The Australasian Furnishing Association (AFA) supports the industry’s design achievements and the next step in the career of AFA Finalists as they enter the 2020 Good Design Australia Awards.


The AFA has recommended ACE Finalists for entry in a range of categories.

The annual Good Design Awards recognise and celebrate excellence in cutting edge design and breakthrough innovation. The Awards are recognised by the World Design Organization (WDO) as the nation’s peak international design endorsement program and the AFA is excited to be a partner of these Awards.

The Good Design Awards recognise the broad spectrum of design across 10 design disciplines and 28 subcategories and entries are evaluated by an international panel of design and architecture experts.

An international Jury of design and architecture experts evaluate each project and entries are evaluated on three main design criteria which include: good designdesign innovation and design impact with the highest scoring projects receiving accolades.

AFA Member, 3RT, were awarded two prestigious Good Design Awards in 2019 for their world-first technology that converts plantation logs into mature hardwood in just a day.

 3RT’s digital production unit won the Engineering Design category for outstanding design and innovation and also took home a Gold Accolade in the Product Design category, for the hardwood produced by the unit.

Designer Hardwood is a natural, affordable hardwood that looks, feels and performs like 100-year-old timber and in creating their unique Designer Hardwood technology, 3RT’scollaborative research team responded to the alarming rate of forest and habitat loss, and a global shortage of hardwood.

 3RT’s solution is a safe and sustainable robotic mini-factory that uses young logs to create fully recyclable Designer Hardwood that costs about half as much to produce as the traditional milled product. At the heart of 3RT’s success is the all-natural, water-based bio-mimicking ‘nano-glue’ that replicates the natural growing process in just hours.  

3RT Founder and CEO, Peter Torreele, said: ‘Every so often something comes along, that changes everything. My thanks to the 3RT scientific and research team that made our sustainable hardwood production unit possible. We now have the technology to meet hardwood needs, anywhere in the world, without having to cut down our forests.’  

3RT’s innovation has been welcomed by AFA CEO, Patrizia Torelli. ‘ The Australasian Furnishing Association is proud to support the work of our members and 3RT is certainly exceeding expectations with this innovative approach to using valuable resources more wisely. The cost of quality hardwood for the furnishing sector is often cost-prohibitive. The alternative is inferior quality at cheaper prices – sometime illegally harvested. The 3RT solution reduces the cost to furniture manufacturers significantly, adds value to the limited resources available and also combines science and nature to reduce the impact on our environment. 

GDA Judges observed that the project ‘creates amazing potential for custom design solutions for designers and architects.’

At the 2019 Awards Ceremony in Sydney, the Good Design Awards Jury acknowledged 3RT’s:

‘Great design in delivering on the objectives and involving some genuine process innovations that achieve a bonding strength to match the strength of natural hardwood. Designer Hardwood does indeed appear to be the first manufactured timber with strength, stiffness and appearance properties matching those of old growth hardwood. ‘

The 2020 Good Design Awards will be presented at the annual Good Design Awards ceremony in Sydney on 9 July 2020.