Chances are you have spent more than 120 hours sitting in the last 3 weeks.  (For most people, it’s likely to be closer to 200 hours when you include time in the car and on the couch.)
It’s time to stand up for your health! Not only is standing better for your back and neck, you will also burn more calories (an extra 160 calories or 670kJ per hour), increase your circulation and improve your cardio-vascular health.  Now that’s something worth investing in!

AFA Members Table and Desk offer the AFRDI tested Elevar EV1000 Electric Height Adjustable desk because they believe it is the best available on the market. This European engineered desk has passed rigorous testing with AFRDI and comes with a 10 Year Warranty – so you know it’s made to last.It is whisper quiet with a 120kg load capacity and features a multi-position controller with a digital display.

AFA Members can access discounted AFRDI Testing.
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