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Ebury is a financial services company, specialising in international cash management solutions, including cross-border payments, FX risk management and business lending.

Our unique product offering helps businesses prosper and grow in a highly competitive environment by eliminating boundaries and making international finance simple and universally

We can assist your business with

Foreign Exchange:

-Best in market FX rates

– Access to over 140 currencies including exotic

-Sophisticated risk management solutions and products ( Fx Forwards and FX options)

– FX credit lines supporting FX exposure of up to 5 years & forwards with no up front deposits

– Alternative banking solutions- in country collection accounts in 35+ currencies

– Best in class online portal

Trade Finance:  Unsecured line of Credit 

– 100k – 5million trade finance line

– 150 day funding period

– Interest starts at 1% per month

– Unsecured


​​Business Type: Financial Services

Business Address: Level 1, 53 Berry Street, Sydney, NSW 2060

Phone Number: 02 8607 8066

Email Address: bianca.khurana@ebury.com

Business Website: www.ebury.au


Certificate No: 22022023-584