Oliver Smith loves designing beautiful pieces of timber furniture. He loves discovering the unique qualities of a piece of timber, the challenge of designing a piece that will last a lifetime, as well as the technical challenges that come in making beautiful furniture.

Looking back on it, Oliver was pretty much destined to be a custom furniture maker. Starting with a furniture making class in high school, Oliver discovered his talent for both design and the satisfaction that comes from building something from scratch. He was awarded with a prize both of his senior years, (one was for building a Le Corbusier chaise entirely from timber!!). Then there was a short-lived detour into photography. Then Carpentery (he won Apprentice of the Year twice) and time spent building homes. He began making small pieces of furniture to go into the homes he was building, and that brought him to where he is now.

Crafted Carpentery

Crafted Carpentery is Oliver’s business that he’s been running for five years. He builds custom pieces where he works with his clients design, or designs a piece especially for them. He enjoys working with clients to help them achieve their vision for the piece, while at the same time making sure it as technically well built as it can be.


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