Take control of your business energy contracts

Energy procurement solutions for the furnishing industries.

Australia is in an energy crisis. It’s been all over the news. The current volatile energy market means there’s never been a more vital time to be monitoring your energy bills and making sure your energy contract is being managed effectively. Our newest partner is helping businesses across the country take back control of their energy requirements. Fight back against the energy crisis.

AFA have partnered with Energy Action to help our valued clients take control of their energy needs. With over 20 years of experience in the energy industry, they are a net zero certified organisation who can offer ways for you to manage the cost of your gas and electricity bills and can help you navigate your net zero journey.

Energy Action offers:

Energy Procurement – get competitive energy rates. Our energy buying technology drives down prices.

Energy reporting – Identify the emissions you can prevent and the money you should be saving

Net zero – Green energy options to help you make the transition to net zero, offsets, certificates and recommendations to help you reduce your carbon footprint, not your profit.

Take action against the energy crisis.

Energy Action Experts Available to AFA Members

The AFA is pleased to introduce Energy Action to AFA Members in this industry dedicated webinar on 18 August 2022 (12-1pm AEST). Who is Energy Action and what can they do for your business?

In this briefing, EA will give an update on the State of the Energy market to demystify the current ‘energy crisis’ and what impacts it will have for AFA members when it comes to re-contracting energy solutions now, or in the future. Meet Rachael Kent from Energy Action who will assist AFA’s members and clients to navigate the challenging energy market.

Based in Brisbane, Rachael has over 5 years’ experience working in the energy industry specialising in electricity and gas procurement, Solar, LED and Energy Management and Net Zero.


What’s going on in the Australian Energy Market?

Energy Action’s resident expert and General Manager of Energy Markets, Scott Easton, will be holding a webinar all about the current state of the market on Thursday 25th August 2022. He’ll be live providing an update on the energy crisis, talk about future pricing and policies. He’ll also be answering any questions you may have about the current state of the market and how it’s effecting your business. This is a great session for AFA members who want to take a deeper dive into ins and outs of the energy markets.