AFA CEO Patrizia Torelli has been appointed to the Manufacturing, Engineering and Automotive Industry Advisory Group (MEAIAG), established by the first Victorian Skills Commissioner (VSC), Mr Neil Coulson.

The establishment of this independent role signals a new direction in how industry will engage with the training system. The VSC will work with employers, unions and government to better align training with the needs of the Victorian industry and the economy as a whole. This will ensure that the training requirements of students and employers are met, and that skills outcomes support the Government's economic objectives for productivity and growth.

The VSC will provide advice to the Hon Gayle Tierney MP, Minister for Training and Skills on the following:

  • How the training system can better support the economy and jobs by addressing skills shortages, meeting workforce training needs and boosting productivity for employers.
  • How industry input can lead to more strategic and targeted interventions to align the training system with industry needs.
  • The training needs of existing and emerging industries.
  • Promoting training pathways that lead to jobs and skills development in the workforce.
  • Addressing the training and workforce development needs of Victoria's regions.

The VSC's initial focus will be to establish and oversee a new industry engagement framework to ensure training aligns with Victoria's labour market requirements. In order to do this, the VSC will facilitate information sharing and collaboration between government, employers, trade unions and training providers. Aligning education and training offered by local institutions with the current and future needs of the state and regional economies will be vital in the years ahead.

Just as important as delivering the right training and education is ensuring that the right pathways are available for people to transition from training into work. The VSC will support the process of establishing and growing these pathways, particularly into priority sectors.

The VSC will provide a point of integration, working closely with the Department of Education and Training and other Government agencies to support the Government's broader economic and social policy objectives.

Ms Torelli is amongst the 25% of women appointed to the MEAIAG.