The Australasian Furnishing Association extends the opportunity to international companies to register for AFA International Membership.

Our national and international membership has grown significantly and covers sourcing companies, manufacturers, suppliers to the industry, retailers, designers, allied National and International associations and key stakeholders such as testing and training organizations. As an AFA Member you benefit from being part of a collective and respected voice.

As an AFA International Member you will enjoy access to a wide range of business tools designed to meet your business needs, including professional services advice such as legal and trading requirements for doing business in Australia, industrial relations, legal, financial, reciprocal marketing and promotion across all mediums internationally, business to business and business to consumer leads, and recognition programs to build your brands.

All AFA services represent value for money, particularly providing operational cost savings for commercial operators and individuals each year. In addition, AFA International Members receive further discounts on testing with international testing and certification laboratories across Australia and Asia with AFA partners AFRDI-Furntech & SGS to meet Australian and international standards. These testing services are particularly important during this period of rapid change to meet heightened compliance, safety and environmental expectations and the accompanying need for greater durability.

As an AFA International Member, you are also invited to access a range of business products and services.


For more information contact AFA International Membership Officer on