Know Your Timber

Timber Regulation - Illegal Logging

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has ceased the “soft start” audit period. Penalties for non-compliance now apply.

The penalty for breaching the Act are as much as 5 years in jail and fines of 500 penalty units which in 2017 were equivalent to AUD $150,000.00.

The AFA has completed the development of the AFA Timber Due Diligence System, to assist Members with meeting their compliance requirements.


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Wood Certification Standards - Responsible Wood

Established in 2002, Responsible Wood* are pioneers in the development of certification standards for wood and wood products sourced from sustainably managed forests in Australia. Our standards provide guidance and accountability for forest managers, manufacturers and suppliers. We are committed to protecting and promoting Australia’s unique environments with standards that ensure a forest industry that is environmentally, socially, culturally and commercially sustainable.

Responsible Wood manage the Responsible Wood Certification Scheme which is underpinned by two Australian Standards®:

Responsible Wood is Australia’s largest forest certification scheme and the only scheme endorsed by an Australian Standard.

Responsible Wood also manage the New Zealand Forest Management Scheme on behalf of the New Zealand Forest Certification Association (NZFCA). The Scheme is underpinned by two standards:

Both certification schemes are endorsed by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), the global authority on sustainable forest management.

Through certification, education and communication, Responsible Wood will develop demand for Australian wood products that are sourced using sustainable forest managed practices tailored to specific regions and environmental conditions. The Responsible Wood certification program provides confidence for consumers, differentiating certified Australian wood products, making them easier to buy.

*Responsible Wood, is a not-for-profit standards development organisation [formerly known as Australian Forestry Standard Ltd].