Australian Furniture Community of Practice Network (AFCoPN)

The 2015 Australian Skills Quality Authority Users’ Guide of Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s). Explicitly outlines the requirements for RTO’s to consult with industry on development of training programs, assessment strategies, and resource development (Clauses 1.5 – 1.6 *).
In response to this requirement the Australasian Furnishing Association (AFA) introduced the Australian Furnishing Community of Practice Network (AFCoPN) for RTO’s. AFCoPN Members help to ensure that RTO training and assessment practices are well informed and relevant to the needs of industry as required by the Standard.

AFCoPN also works with RTO’s to implement a range of strategies for industry engagement. It systematically uses the outcomes of that industry engagement to ensure continuous valid industry feedback is provided for:

a) Its training and assessment strategies, practices and resources
b) The current industry skills of its trainers and assessors.


AFCoPN meetings occur quarterly attendance is free for AFA Members.

Inaugural Chair of the AFCoPN, Simona Jobbagy says “Industry engagement and collaboration is at the core of Vocational Education and Training, and this is as an opportunity to help facilitate the conversation, and strengthen the relationship between industry and vocational training organisations. Good quality training outcomes depend on a clear understanding of what industry needs, what are the critical skills for now and for the future. This requires an ongoing dialogue, an engagement that enables both industry and training providers to exchange information and knowledge that lead to training outcomes of a mastery level.” 

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AFCoPN resources such as webinars and minutes are available on request and training materials are available to support trainers and industry in the SHOP HERE

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AFA Announces Inaugural Head of Education Network Group

The Australian Furniture Association (AFA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms Simona Jobbagy as Chair of the Australian Furniture Community of Practice Network (AFCoPN). Simona is a dedicated professional who has worked in Vocational Education and Training...

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