Q: Will the AFA launch any separate Awards for specific categories in the industry or any manufacturing awards in 2019?

The 2019 ACE Design Awards will incorporate all aspects of design, materials and manufacture of furnishing products nominated for these prestigious Awards.

Taking into account the large range of product categories in the furnishing sector and considering the feedback from past years, the AFA has determined that the advice to merge  the previous elements into one process is positive and will assist with streamlining the program.

Where applicable, the following elements may constitute the judging criteria:

  • Information about your Design
  • Brief – Design Inspiration (Intent of the design. Who was it designed for and why was it created)
  • Design Solution
  • Description of Product/Design
  • Size
  • Materials Used
  • Australian Standards Referred to in Design
  • Sustainability Notes
  • Green’ Notes
  • Use of New Technologies – design innovation if applicable
  • Processes used in construction, including any new construction methods or applications adopted from other industry technologies (if applicable)
  • Target Audience
  • Suggested Distribution Channels
  • Estimated Cost to complete
  • Estimated Retail price
  • Estimated Number of hours to produce
Q. What does the entry fee cover?

The ACE Design Awards Fees are set by a committee which determines the cost associated with conducting the awards, including I.T, administration, marketing and communication, event costs and subsidising entry tickets for entrants to the award ceremonies. The AFA is not a charitable organisation and does not receive government operating funds, therefore every cost needs to be offset with income. Entrants appreciate how challenging it often is to keep costs to a minimum. But like you, we hope that our ‘customers’ value our services and the opportunities that activities such as these can bring.