International Furnishing Industry leaders witnessed the recent signing of the MOU between the Malaysian Furniture Council, the official representative body of Malaysian furniture industry, and the Australian Furniture Association, representing the national interests of the furniture and furnishings sector in Australia. The signing took place at the March 2017 edition of EFE with Mr. Chua Chun Chai, President of the Malaysian Furniture Council (MFC) co-signing the MOU same time as the partnership with the Federmobili of Italy was also cemented.

‘We’re very proud of the formalisation of our partnership with the Malaysian Furniture Council,’ says AFA CEO, Patrizia Torelli. ‘As the principal advocates of our respective furniture and furnishings industry, we are working closely to promote the interest of our members and facilitate members’ exposure to the world market through strategic programmes, partnerships with government and trade-related agencies.’

The purpose of the MOU is to foster collaborations between the MFC and AFA on mutually beneficial programmes to enhance trade and cooperation between Malaysian and Australian organisations and companies.

All parties agree to collaborate to promote co-operation through joint initiatives for the benefit of the key stakeholders through the engagement and promotion of international trade and business opportunities.

‘Over the past four years we have worked closely with MFC to strike a balance between the two organisations to explore the distribution and franchise of Australian brands to Malaysia; explore sourcing partnerships; and identify  project works in Asia, Australia and internationally,’ continues Ms Torelli.

The recent participation of the AFA and its representatives at the Export Furniture Fair in Kuala Lumpur resulted in business matching initiatives, and sourcing delegations to the Fair in Kuala Lumpur. Reciprocal missions to Australia, exchanges of business related information, market trends and industry expertise; and the creation of training courses and seminars to further the development of business models in Malaysia is also underway. AFA Members interested in participating in this international programme should contact Edi Re on