Monday April 24, 2017.  Australian Furniture Association (AFA) CEO Ms Patrizia Torelli, Connect Malaysia Principal Mr Joe Perri and Cultural Synergies Founder Dr Tom Verghese have announced an alliance to assist AFA members to capitalise on the recent MOU signing with the Malaysian Furniture Council (MFC).

Commenting further, Ms Torelli said the signing of the MOU in Malaysia in March with the official representative body of Malaysian furniture industry represented a major milestone for the Australian Furniture Association.  “We’re very proud of the partnership we have cemented with Malaysia on behalf of our members as we see this as an immense opportunity for the industries of both countries”.

“As the principal advocate of the Australian furniture and furnishings industry, we are constantly seeking opportunities to assist our members through strategic alliances, programs and services that will enhance their prospects for success in overseas marketplaces.  Hence the alliance with Connect Malaysia and Cultural Synergies to capitalise on both the MOU and Malaysia-Australia Free Trade Agreement (MAFTA) that came into effect in January 2013”.

Ms Torelli continued, “The alliance with Connect Malaysia and Cultural Synergies is off to a flying start with the promotion of the Understanding Malaysian Culture for SMEs workshop on Saturday, May 6.    The workshop program has been developed and will be presented by Dr Verghese and will focus on providing practical information and advice on the various aspects of living and working in Malaysia, as well as conveying an understanding of the underlying elements that shape Malaysian culture inside and outside the workplace.

“The workshop program will comprise three core areas - Communication, Etiquette, and Organisational Hierarchy, and how to avoid misunderstandings with prospective business contacts and clients”

Malaysia has been a top ten trading partner for Australia over many years, with the country’s pro-business economy and MAFTA acting as a beacon attracting many entrepreneurs to venture north.

“Unfortunately for far too many Australian business owners, lack of understanding of local language, culture, customs and many other factors continue to scuttle prospects for success in overseas markets at the first P2P encounter,” said Dr Verghese.  “This need and desire to assist Australian SMEs was the motivation to develop the Understanding Malaysian Culture for SMEs workshop”.

Ms Torelli, Dr Verghese and Mr Perri confirmed that the AFA, Cultural Synergies and Connect Malaysia plan to follow the workshop with a long-term strategy and program of specialised roundtables, training courses and familiarisation/business matching initiatives.

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