Ever wanted to take your business to a new and exciting facility? If you’re ready to up the ante on your business’s innovation, AFA Members might like
to consider accessing a co-working space, or innovation centre.

Co-working spaces are specialised hubs or facilities that give businesses access to special machines, equipment, space or advisory services. By sharing
these resources with other companies, innovation centres can help to save businesses money, and give them access to resources that they may not have
had otherwise.

Depending on the type of support offered, co-working spaces may give you access to:

• a business coach or mentor

• networking or collaboration opportunities

• desks and meeting rooms

• professional services (e.g. lawyers, trademark experts).

Each co-working space has its own eligibility criteria and prices, so it's important to find one that suits your business needs. There are a number of
government–funded innovation centres open to businesses around Australia.