Have you thought about applying for the Research and Development (R&D) tax incentive?

R&D Tax Incentive provides targeted cash offsets designed to encourage more companies to engage in R&D. It can be applied to companies with an
end of year loss or a profit position. Companies with a loss could receive a cash rebate of up to 45c for every dollar spent in FY16 on R&D including
wages, contractors and materials.

The R&D Tax Incentive is currently open for registrations for business with 30th June financial year. Closing date for YE 30th June companies is 30th
April 2017, but business can get rebates as soon as the ATO processes their tax returns.

AusIndustry Workshops

AusIndustry is offering registration ready workshops in September and October 2016 for business that want to learn more about R&D tax. R&D Tax
Incentive registration ready workshop for companies

Need help with your R&D tax incentive?

R&D Tax consultants can also provide excellent advice in advance to ensure claims can be maximized and the appropriate documentation is recorded to
meet compliance.

Treadstone are registered tax practitioners for R&D tax and provide free consultations. To apply for your R&D tax incentive contact Treadstone now and receive your AFA membership discount of 10%.