Senator Nick Xenophon will open the 2016 Furnishing Futures Conference where the hot topic will be the impact of VET Reform to Industry.

The annual event features a number of high profile industry experts, both local and international, who will present across a broad spectrum of topics related
to the furnishing industry.

‘Many Australians think of furniture as just the table, chairs and sofa in their homes, but the furnishing industry covers a wide range of sectors,’ says
Xenophon. ‘You only have to look around you to recognise the significance of an industry that employs over a half a million Australians. From the flooring
you’re standing on, to the glazing and window coverings, every item that goes to making the entire space is considered part of the furnishing industry.
Employers range in demographic and include the local bespoke maker to the international exporter of stadium setting to some of the most famous venues
in the world. All of them employ Australians and this forum will provide for a robust debate on how to employ more.’

The Australian Furniture Association, the national peak body for the industry, will host the event in Brisbane in 2016 as part of Fashion Week for Furnishing.

‘It’s very satisfying to see the growth in our industry across all sectors,’ says AFA CEO, Patrizia Torelli. ‘We will continue to highlight the importance
of the furnishing industry to the national economy, particularly as the community comes to better understand that furnishing is a critical element
in our day to day life. Notwithstanding our homes, just consider the furnishings in our Aged Care facilities, restaurants, theatres, our childrens’
schools, commercial work places and the public and open spaces designed for better living. Even the automotive industry dovetails into furnishing,
after all you can’t sit on an un-upholstered car seat!.’

The Furnishing Futures Conferences will be held on 7-8 July 2016 at the Brisbane Convention Centre and is recommended for employers, educators, manufacturers,
suppliers, retailers and policy makers.

‘It’s not just furniture, it’s the entire supply chain that is especially affected by the current status of the VET Reform,’ continues Xenophon. ‘Here
we have an industry that could and should be particularly benefitting from the transitioning of a workforce from the automotive industry, so we need
to do everything we can to ensure that more Australians can enjoy a secure future in an industry that is clearly in a growth pattern for the long term.
The VET Reform process has not yet delivered what it promised, and we need to know why,’ he concludes.

The Furnishing futures Conference 2016 will take place 7-8 July 2016 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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