27.4 billion confirmed furniture industry contribution to australian economy

The Australasian Furnishing Association (AFA) is recognised as the peak industry association for the furnishing sector supply chain in Australia. Collectively the industry employs more than 250,000 Australians directly and up to 500,000 indirectly. With an estimated value of $27.4 billion, the furnishing industry is an important contributor to the economic well-being and wealth of the nation.

AFA Members benefit from being part of a collective and respected voice.

AFA delivers quality, industry relevant, professional services to the furniture design, manufacturing and distribution supply chain with a focus on advanced manufacturing, standards, testing, certification, compliance, training, sustainable business development and advocacy on behalf of stakeholders and strategic industry partners. 

The AFA works closely with Australian Governments on various industry and furnishings related projects by providing advice and conducting extensive and wide-ranging research studies on matters that affect the sector and is the recognised as voice of the furnishing industry by government, media and the general public.

AFA Membership includes manufacturers, importers and exporters of residential and commercial furniture, suppliers to the industry, retailers, designers, allied associations, and key stakeholders – such as testing and training organisations.

The AFA is committed to helping Australian businesses with a focus on building competitive and sustainable business models and to promote the profitable growth, competitiveness, innovation, and the export readiness of its members.

Members benefit through programs to facilitate success.  These include –

  • Training, education and professional development focussed initiatives and include design, manufacturing, supply of services and materials, installation, compliance, testing and certification, import and export of furniture, furnishings and components.
  • Information and resources about obligations across safety, standards, compliance, and regulatory requirements.
  • Risk minimisation programs and analysis of competitive pressure or threats from overseas producers.
  • Assist members to build competitive, robust and sustainable operational frameworks by providing access to a wide range of professional business services


The AFA has a proud history of strong industry advocacy on behalf of its members, stakeholders and representing the voice of the industry with government.

We are managed by people who steadfastly believe that Australian furniture needs a voice that represents the sector as a whole and those of big business, large retailers and international interests. 

As a result, the AFA is regarded as the country’s peak body exclusively representing the interests of the industry – nationally and internationally.

The Association has become a driving force in the furnishing and design industry on a global scale and operates across all areas of the furniture supply chain.

Our member services cover the needs of enterprises who design, manufacture and supply residential, commercial, health, education and hospitality furnishings – thus contributing to thousands of jobs in upstream and downstream industries, including the retail sector, export and supply chain.


Our goals are to:

  • Promote, market and support Australian furniture production and distribution, both nationally and overseas;
  • Advocate and advance the interests of furniture production in Australia, including through engagement with government by contributing to policy change and regulatory reform;
  • Advance and improve awareness, appreciation and understanding of the Australian furniture sector, businesses and the contribution it makes to the economy – and to articulate this to consumers and the general community; governments at all levels; to overseas markets; and the media.
  • Access to leading providers of quality services and resources that enhance and support the operational effectiveness and profitability of member businesses.
  • Influence government policy by providing members with opportunities to have a say and influence outcomes affecting their businesses, and the industry.  This is achieved through members coming together in special work groups and committees and the AFA acting as the conduit for information from our members to Government and other organisations in Australia and overseas.
  • Facilitate introductions between member businesses and organisations, customers, suppliers and service providers in Australia and globally. 


We exist because the vast majority of businesses in the furnishing sector are SME and don’t have the time, resources and expertise required to respond to the innumerable legislative, regulatory, technological and overseas competitive challenges that are the norm today.

It is our members that provide the essential input into our various committees and workgroups thus ensuring the voice of business owners are acknowledged and communicated to government authorities and Members of Parliament.

The AFA has an excellent reputation and relationship with government, and these are the critical foundations that ensure we are aware of the everchanging environment as it happens and then convey this information to members.

The AFA is devoted exclusively to the needs and interests of the Australasian furnishings industry and is steadfastly committed to the long-term success and viability of the sector and its members.


The future

Globalisation, technology, competition, consumer demands and expectations are combining to create new challenges and simultaneously generate new business opportunities for the furnishings sector.

As the industry’s peak body, the AFA assists its members and the sector to stay ahead in this environment by identifying opportunities to:

  • connect to new markets,
  • expand and encourage new entrants,
  • work collaboratively with government on matters and issues that impact the sector,
  • communicate with media,
  • publish newsletters and updates that are of benefit and interest to members,
  • organise conferences,
  • develop professional and Workforce Skills initiatives,
  • contribute to education, training/learning programs,
  • facilitate special events,
  • assist members to operate more efficiently and effectively,
  • contribute to local communities by providing employment opportunities for the next generation of furnishing industry practitioners.


The AFA is committed to supporting Australian businesses in the furnishing supply chain who are committed to building sustainable businesses and using sustainably sourced products and materials to ensure protection of the environment as Australia moves towards a ‘clean circular economy’.

By sharing and communicating these values and commitment, the Australian economy, environment and community will benefit from products that are of the highest quality and adhere to world leading safety standards, including use of Australia’s indigenous timbers. 

These high standards, provide the momentum that drives innovation and enduring designs, which are uniquely distinct from the masses of generically produced furniture, whilst the introduction of new materials is presenting further opportunities to expand Australia’s reputation for unique, safe and high-quality use of products.


AFA members have access to the latest resources, information, services and tools to help their businesses operate effectively and efficiently

– and most importantly to thrive in the 21st Century.