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Say hello to Viewa!!

Viewa offers an augmented reality (AR) platform that brings products to life by allowing customers to visualise, engage and interact with them, all from the comfort of their own home. Their unique AR software delivers stunningly realistic 3D product visualisation to the furniture industry, including manufacturers and retailers, which ultimately drive customer visualisation, engagement and sales.

Viewa was founded by Kyle Young in 2012 and was one of the first Augmented Reality company’s in Australia. Ed Sedgley came on as CEO in 2018 and the company realised that enhanced product visualisation was going to be essential as more and more people researched items, like furniture, online.

They realised it needed to be easy to use for the consumer, easy to integrate for the manufacturer/retailer and cost effective to drive a quick return on investment.

Where did this software start?

Viewa’s unique software, VisualisAR, was launched in early 2021. It enables customers to visualise products in 3D via website, and then virtually experience them in their very own home. It’s web-based, easy to implement and allows potential customers to change out fabrics, finishes and materials to customise the product to their liking, all in real time. Built on web-based AR, it does not require the user to download an app, works across all devices and can be seamlessly integrated into a website or launched via a QR code.

According to Harvard Business Review, customer website interactions using AR show a 94% higher conversion rate, compared to websites without AR. With approx. 54% of ecommerce sales completed via mobile, Viewa’s AR software makes it easier than ever for customers.

Working with big names across Australia including the likes of Clark Rubber, Basil Bangs,, Timberlink and Warwick Fabrics – Viewa are a trusted name who deliver incredible results. VisualisAR is used by some of Australia’s best brands and has a 100% client retention rate since inception.

Revolutionary Software

Viewa also played a crucial role in supporting the design process of the ‘Reclaimed Roots’ school chair project recently submitted for the Good Design Award, with help of the Australian Furniture Association (AFA). By utilizing a digital augmented reality (AR) model, this 3D product visualisation provided a unique and immersive visualization experience for stakeholders. This technology allowed designers, clients, and potential users to interact with a virtual representation of the chair, gaining a better understanding of its form, features, and how it would fit within their environment. The AR model helped to bridge the gap between design concepts and real-world implementation, allowing for more informed decision-making and design refinement.

Viewa’s digital AR model also contributed to sustainability efforts by reducing the need for physical prototypes, minimizing material usage and waste generation. It accelerated the design process, saving time and resources while ensuring the design met the desired criteria and specifications. This efficient and cost-effective solution aligned with the sustainable principles of the project and showcased the innovative use of technology in design.

AFA Members can take advantage of an EXCLUSIVE Viewa introductory offer – Valued at over $2,000 complimentary 3D modelling and access to the VisualisAR software at their future SaaS subscription only pricing (which is not yet available in Australia).

Get in contact with Viewa today to take your business to the next level.