When you buy goods or services and they break too easily, don’t work or don’t perform as generally expected, you have rights under the law.

The Australian Consumer Law (contained in a schedule to the Competition and Consumer Act 2010) creates a basic set of guarantees for consumers who acquire goods and services from Australian suppliers, importers or manufacturers. These are intended to ensure that you receive the goods or services that you have paid for. When you have a problem and one of the guarantees has not been met, you are entitled to a remedy.

The type of remedy depends on the circumstances but may include a repair, replacement, refund or having the service performed again.

Know your rights but remember that the law aims to give consumers and sellers a fair go—it is not designed to protect you if you are careless or make unreasonable demands.

The AFA is able to answer some of the questions most commonly asked by consumers, such as what rights you have when something you buy breaks or fails to perform as expected, and when you may be entitled to a refund or exchange.

The AFA can explain the law in simple language but is no substitute for the legislation or legal advice.

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