Action on the Furnishing Industry Skill Shortage

It is not an industry secret that we are currently experiencing challenging times. Navigating the most significant gap between work volumes and availability of skilled labour to date.

Without immediate intervention, we can not see our shared low labour woes arresting.

Your AFA is targeting action in the following areas:

Supporting the Career Ahead Team, the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations to work on a project centred around onshore migrant employability skills. We seek to expedite the assessment and presentation of onshore skilled migrants. In our support role we have added several job roles to the manufacturing portfolio relevant to the furnishing industry and indoctrinated the employability criteria from AFA member feedback.

The first project that the AFA will deliver is an innovative project geared to expedite the transition of prospective upholsters into job-ready apprenticeships.

The AFA surveyed members to understand where training improvements could have the most immediate and beneficial impact to the furniture manufacturing industry.

Upholsterers are identified across 5 industry groups as a serious skills shortage workforce. 

Take a Seat With Us!” Taster Program will see learners actively produce new or refurbish damaged furniture/sail/boating or car seats. The project delivery is designed to have an Industry Expert oversee production in the Holmesglen Institute Centre of Excellence so that students can engage in a workplace learning environment completing JOB READY tasks to achieve competency.

The Take a Seat With Us! Project will aid in fast-tracking the learning journey so that the students will gain valuable skills that they can immediately apply in the workforce. Students can apply for recognition and gain credit when they enrol into further study with the Cert III Apprenticeship once successfully completed.

A number of AFA members stand ready to endorse apprenticeships.

We welcome Dan Lafranchi to the AFA team, a skilled project manager and experienced team leader, to facilitate the delivery of the projects and ensure valuable outcomes for members.

Please feel free to contact Dan if you would like to contribute/collaborate or obtain further information.