The Australian Furniture Association CEO, Patrizia Torelli, is moving into her 11th year at the helm of the AFA and is offering three personalised complimentary consultations to other not-for-profit organisations interested in understanding and managing the challenges faced by Australian entities navigating the ‘financial and business’ imperatives of running a successful Association.

‘Oftentimes, Associations are run on the smell of an oily rag. The traditionally small, dedicated teams that do the work of many, can face difficult decisions on a daily basis, so understanding the difference between investing in future business or servicing current clients can be the difference in your success of failure,’ says Ms Torelli. ‘On the other hand, large Associations can often lose their way due to the complexity of their constitutional obligations or organisational structures. Having worked in both these scenarios, I can offer some simple tips to help minimise the risk and reduce strain on essential services.’

Patrizia has over twenty years of experience working with Associations in community, education, training, manufacturing, marketing, retail, sustainability and multicultural environs and is keen to ‘give back’ with some voluntary support to organisations needing the support, ‘boost’.

‘As a ‘futurist’, I am always keen to understand the intersections spanning multiple sectors, and a good way to stay across these developments is to engage with the people in the industry.’

If your organisation wishes to meet with Ms Torelli, please connect via with a brief outline of your organisation’s purpose and contact details for the organisation’s CEO/GM and Chair/President.

This limited offer is only available until 31 March 2024 unless places are filled beforehand.