AFA Safety Partners & Associates


AB Phillips is the national risk, insurance and financial services business and partner to the AFA. AB Phillips help members to manage risks associated with product liability and recall.


Discounted HR Advice for Members

An engaged team – your best marketers!

Overcoming the “back to work blues”

The AFA is represented on the board of the Australasian Furnishing Research and Development Institute. Furntech-AFRDI conducts research and testing to advance furniture safety across the region.


How much more time have you spent sitting?

Standards and Testing the Australian way in global markets

Safe Seating for Public Spaces – A Must for Commercial Furniture Suppliers


Coaching and Mentoring

How the workplace affects employee health and wellbeing

Safety and Wellbeing

What’s the importance of your organisation’s Performance Culture?


TUV Rheinland Australia

International Expert to Lead Talks on the Impact of Furniture Recalls and Top Tips on How to Avoid Them – TUV

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