Australian manufacturers must compete on value rather than cost

Evidence from 3,000 global manufacturers on the source of their competitiveness show that Australian manufacturers must compete on value rather than cost.

The Manufacturing Competitiveness Plan 2022, published by AMGC, covers topics such as the definition of manufacturing, how it can be made more resilient, and much more. The recently updated Plan has been an influential document in how Australia understands and appreciates its manufacturers and critical contribution to an advanced economy.

Manufacturing is not a sector, but a capability. It cuts across every vertical industrial sector where a thing is made. (Download the new plan here.)

Learn more at Australian Manufacturing Week 2022

Australian Manufacturing Week is an industry exhibition encompassing all aspects of manufacturing in Australia to be held at the International Convention Centre (ICC) Sydney on 7 – 10 June 2022.

The aim is for Australian Manufacturing Week to be more than just an exhibition. Visitors will:

  • Be witness to, and part of, technological evolution.
  • Be the first to experience innovative technologies, latest machinery.
  • Meet and network with the innovators who spearhead the technological revolution.
  • Interact with peers and share ideas.
  • Gain firsthand exposure to the companies who are at the forefront of technological excellence.
  • See all the key industry brands in one place at the same time

To learn more and to register, please click here.