In this first instalment, architect and designer, Jonathan Muller, shares his expertise on how to increase your turnover of locally designed and constructed furniture tenfold…..Or even more! You don’t do it by clinging to an outdated business model where powerful retailers call the shots via ‘exclusive’ supply deals on your products while lining them up against your competitor’s in the showroom.

You don’t do it by narrowing your local domestic market down to loyal but ageing customers while
the next generation will shop elsewhere for ‘their’ style of products. Domestic furniture manufacturers need to be noticed by those who choose products. The only way to put ‘more bums on seats’ is to have your products specified on projects by architects and Interior designers.

And the best way to get specified is by promoting your products and services through…

Author Bio : Jonathan Muller is an architect who has designed furniture for a number of Australian
manufacturers. He was an assistant to Fred Lowen at Module International and has been an
Australia Council awarded designer/maker of timber furniture. More recently he was associate at a health planning and architectural practice with practical experience in ‘how’ products are selected for projects. His expertise is in architectural and Interior concept design and software rendering.

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