The American Society of Furniture Designers has extended an invitation via the Australasian Furnishing Association to Australia’s furniture design community to enter the global Pinnacle Awards®.

The Awards are intended to celebrate designs that are produced in large numbers for sale to consumers. The official online entry for placing your submission into competition for the 2018 Pinnacle Awards® is open to all furniture designers and manufacturers.

The recipient of the Pinnacle Awards® is the designer or designers who were directly involved in the “design craft” of the products(s). The award is meant to honor the designer; the person who puts the pen to paper bringing the idea to life.

Founded in 1981, the American Society of Furniture Designers (ASFD) is a non-profit professional organization
dedicated to excellence, innovation, education and originality in the practice of furniture design. ASFD serves as the unified voice of the furniture design community, advocating professional practice and integrity at all times.

The Pinnacle Awards® were created in April 1995 by the ASFD board of directors to promote design quality and encourage the recognition of furniture designers within the retail home furnishings industry and contract industry. The main purpose of setting up the Pinnacle Awards® is to promote better design quality, encourage new concepts and innovative material use, and recognize the talents of furniture designers, develop the career of young designers in the furniture and furnishing design industry.

The Awards is intended to celebrate designs that are produced in large numbers for sale to consumers through retail stores. Pinnacle judging is done by a Jury of 25 industry professionals (Jury is composed of industry authorities, medias, well-known designers, established retailers, senior educators, and industry experts) and it is based on certain criteria of design excellence, including Form and Function, Innovation, Retailer & Manufacturing Benefit, and Consumer Benefit.

The Pinnacle Awards® is known for its professionalism, industry integrity, global spirit, and real market focus. It has recognized by consumers and industry professionals as the Gold Key to enter the American home furnishing market.

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